Healing the planet with fashion

Crafting luxurious leathers from animals that harm the planet and harnessing the power of fashion to revive ecosystems around the world

Saving the Lungs of the Ocean

We are in the midst of one of the biggest biodiversity disasters in our planet's history. As divers, we grew up seeing our coral reefs, the “lungs of the ocean,” destroyed by destructive, non-native Lionfish. Corals that were once vibrant and teeming with life became lifeless and grey.

We had to act.

Our Mission

We have created a new category of leathers, Invasive™ Leathers, each one addressing a unique environmental crisis.

We run extensive 3rd party testing to ensure that our leathers are as robust as they are beautiful.

By removing harmful animals, INVERSA accomplishes two things: creating beautiful leathers for the fashion industry and reviving ecosystems around the world.

Invasive™ Dragonfin Leather helps to rehabilitate the Mississippi River, Invasive™ Lionfish Leather helps to restore coral reef ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico,  and Invasive™ Python Leather helps to revive the Everglades, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  

INVERSA’s groundbreaking approach to letting fashion heal the planet has been validated and backed by organizations such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
(NOAA), the Ocean Risk and Resilience Action Alliance (ORRAA), and Conservation International (CI), in addition to other state and federal entities in the US and abroad.

Additional supporters of INVERSA include Positive Luxury’s Accelerator Program, Superorganism, the Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs Program, and SeaAhead.

Our Partners

A New Class of Sustainability

Invasive™ Lionfish Leather

This species is one of the single greatest threats to the coral reefs in the Gulf of Mexico. Killing 80% of baby native fish within 5 weeks of appearing on a given coral reef, the non-native Lionfish are an increasing threat to the future of coral reef systems in the Gulf.

Fact: Each hide contributes to protecting up to 70,000 native species

Invasive™ Dragonfin Leather

This species is turning the beautiful Mississippi River into sludge and endangering the millions of native fish and livelihoods dependent on the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes.

Fact: Each hide contributes to protecting 150+ native species and 1.5+ million livelihoods

Invasive™ Python Leather

This species is destroying a UNESCO World Heritage Site –the Florida Everglades. This ecosystem was once filled with sounds of native life. Today, it is silent due to the non-native Python's prolific predation.

Fact: Each hide contributes to protecting 90% of native mammalian life

Redefining the Meaning
of Transparent Sourcing


We work with individual divers and hunters. This means we have visibility down to the name of the individual who sourced each hide, even the exact time and location of retrieval.

Social Good

Our divers consume or sell the fillets, creating local microeconomies.

Environmental Mindfulness

Across all our facilities, we enforce utilizing only REACH-approved chemicals and ESG+ practices. We create less wastewater than traditional leather manufacturing.

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