Frequently asked

What is INVERSA Leathers’ mission?

INVERSA Leathers is a science-first, conservation-focused materials startup on a mission to restore biodiversity and heal the planet through fashion. INVERSA has created an entirely new class of leathers, Invasive ™ Leathers, that address unique environmental crises. By removing harmful animals, INVERSA accomplishes two things: creating beautiful leathers for the fashion industry and reviving ecosystems around the world.

How are destructive, non-native species harmful?

Largely as a result of human error, there are about 17,000 harmful non-native species that have been introduced to various ecosystems which they did not originate. Over the years, these harmful non-native species have caused significant ecological and economic damage, affecting livelihoods and ecosystems alike. Biologists and international organizations focused on protecting biodiversity, such as the UN’s COP15 Biodiversity Conference, have advocated for the removal of these destructive species in order to preserve native biodiversity and ecosystems.

How is Invasive™ Leather regenerative?

When harmful non-native species are removed from an afflicted habitat, it is possible to rehabilitate and restore the affected ecosystem. For example, removing a lionfish from a given reef system and regularly conducting removal efforts in the area can result in a 50-70% recovery in native flora and fauna.

How does INVERSA Leathers ensure ethical and sustainable production?

INVERSA Leathers exclusively collaborates with suppliers and partners that maintain an ethical end-to-end supply chain. By following guidance from respected nonprofit organizations, such as Conservation International (CI) and the Ocean Risk and Resilience Alliance (ORRA), INVERSA ensures ethical standards are upheld during removal efforts.

How does INVERSA's leather economically empower local communities?

INVERSA fosters economic growth in rural areas by generating employment opportunities through the removal of destructive non-native species. This revitalizes local hunting and fishing industries, while the subsequent restoration of vital natural resources attracts tourism. Furthermore, INVERSA’s efforts create local microeconomies; our divers and hunters consume or sell fillets of the destructive species they help remove.

Where can I learn more about INVERSA Leathers and its impact?

To stay updated on INVERSA Leathers' story and its positive impact on the environment, follow us on Instagram at @INVERSAleathers, or reach out to us here to learn more.