The world's first Invasive Leather

We create leather from invasive species, reviving ecosystems around the planet.

Our Partners

Our Mission

We are on a journey to create a portfolio of Invasive Leathers™, each one addressing a unique human-induced crisis to revive ecosystems around the world.

We believe doing good only works if you do it well. We run extensive 3rd party testing to ensure that our leathers are as robust as they are beautiful. Download our latest 3rd party testing report here.

For the first time, materials can go beyond minimizing environmental impact – they can create positive change.

Today, we help revive three different ecosystems with our Invasive Leather™. Invasive Lionfish Leather™ helps to restore coral reef ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico, Invasive Dragonfin Leather™ helps to rehabilitate the Mississippi River and Invasive Python Leather™ helps to revive the Everglades, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  

We know the path to sustainability for brands can be a difficult one – and our job is to make that as easy as possible. We are there for our brand partners every step of the way from custom color development to marketing and PR support.

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