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A collection of Invasive Leathers that allows fashion to heal the planet.

Today we work to rehabilitate three different ecosystems affected by three different invasive species. This is just our beginning.

Invasive Lionfish Leather

As a result of human error in the late 1980s, a handful of lionfish slipped undetected into Atlantic waters off the coast of Florida. In less than 40 years the invasive lionfish has completely taken over from Brazil to Boston to Barcelona, destroying native fish population and coral reefs.

Each hide contributes to protecting up to:

70,000 native reef fish that Invasive Lionfish eat in their lifetime

79% of baby native reef fish that are killed within 5 weeks of an invasion

42+ million livelihoods in the Western Atlantic Basin that make their living from coral reefs

Download our full Invasive Lionfish fact sheet here
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Invasive Dragonfin Leather

The Dragonfin was imported from Southeast Asia in 1970s to manage ponds within the US. However, flooding in the 1990s allowed these fish to escape into the Mississippi River. Since then, this species has been outcompeting nearly all native species and degrading the water quality from the Great Lakes to Gulf of Mexico.

Each hide contributes to protecting up to:

150+ native fish and endangered fresh water species

1.5+ million livelihoods dependent on the Mississippi River

$500 billion economy dependent on the Mississippi River

Download our full Invasive Dragonfin
fact sheet here

Invasive Python

The first invasive python found in the Everglades in 1979 was likely a former pet. Today, tens of thousands of the snakes inhabit the Everglades National Park, feasting on endangered species and causing structural damage. Ultimately, their increasing presence is a rising threat to the wellbeing of the Everglades and the species that depend on it.

Each hide contributes to protecting up to:

90% of native wildlife populations in the Florida Everglades

73+ species of known mammals, birds, and reptiles preyed upon by invasive Burmese pythons

1.3 billion dollar economy dependent on the Florida Everglades

Download our full Invasive Python fact sheet here